Simple and Affordable Minimalist Christmas Decorating Ideas

Minimalist Christmas decor is not only beautiful, but it can be very economical as well! To make this simple project very easy, reuse cookie cutter shapes from the store and hang them on a spruce tree branch. It really doesn’t take too much time, and it really looks so pretty!

Pine Branch: just like the cookie cutter, a long, green and beautiful bough to make your Christmas decor simple. This bough also goes great with your other Christmas decorating materials.

A Gift Basket: just one of the most beautiful and fun ways to spend Christmas Day! The idea is to hang a basket from the tree with the basic pieces and some decorations.

Mini Gazebos: these are just like mini gazebos, except they are much smaller! Christmas Lights: all you need is twinkling lights to light up your front door, windows, and even along the fence.

Minimalist Christmas ornaments: These are also very easy to assemble. Or maybe you could add a small wreath or a small tree, that is covered in small berries or flowers. This way they are hidden, but can still give off an attractive glow at night.