20+ New Bathroom Tiles Stone Beige Ideas

Given how many steps it took to get a stone slab, it’s no wonder that marble and other natural stones are one of the most expensive surfaces you can choose for your bathroom. Still, there are reasons why stone is among the most desired of all remodeling materials.

Advantages of Stone

Today, the main advantage of the principle of marble and other natural stones in bathrooms is that what has not changed and probably never will, (since marble and other natural stones are in limited supply) is that natural stone symbolizes exclusivity and style.

Aesthetically, every quarry in the world has a slightly different form of stone, and even within the same quarry, each slab of stone will have a different vein and color. This means that every floor, countertops, or wall surface made of marble or other natural stone will always have a unique look for each bathroom.

The fact of using marble or other natural stone in your home automatically increases its resale value. Real estate agents almost always point out the presence of natural stone when selling a home, and potential buyers always see it as a very positive thing.

The availability and effectiveness of this synthetic sealer is responsible for natural stone which is now a viable material for wet locations such as bathrooms. Even showers—once off-limits to marble and other natural stone—are now seeing stone surfaces installed with some regularity.

Disadvantages of Stone

  • Stone prices are expensive
  • The stone is cold if not placed on the floor with a heating system
  • Slippery as a result of a sealed insulation if it is for the bathroom

Bathroom With Stone Tiles Gallery Ideas

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Natural Stone Substitute

Manufacturers have been trying to simulate the appearance of natural stone in other building materials for a long time. Such as ceramic tiles made are proportional to the hardness and resistance of the stone to mass-produced materials. “Cultured marble” made of plastic resin as an early attempt to achieve the look of stone, and more modern solid surface materials such as Corian or Swanstone.


Natural stone for the bathroom is the right choice. With modern sealing, it reduces the stone’s susceptibility to water damage and stains. So natural stone can be a good choice if you want the “wow” factor and exclusivity in your home. So whatever your choice is, it is the best for you.

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